About Us

SSEF is dedicated to advancing the South Sudanese Community of Boston. Our initiatives enrich and inspire, adults and children alike, giving them the confidence and resources to create thriving futures for themselves.  
The South Sudanese came to our country in the 1990's and early 2000's fleeing one of the worst humanitarian crises of our generation. They were all survivors of the world's longest civil war, during which more than 2 million people perished. Today our South Sudanese Community of Boston continues to grow. We welcome those fleeing the current and tragic civil war, poverty, as well as those arriving to joyously reunite with family. SSEF ensures all have an opportunity advance personally through sustainable and supportive Community initiatives. These initiatives build upon the values of our nation and the immigrant spirit, its strengths, resilience, desire to succeed and to establish “Community."
SSEF recognizes the insurmountable potential in our Community. Advancement and self-sufficiency can be achieved when given the tools, resources and support to do so. A vibrant array of workshops and classes, the Saturday Bridges Program, and a community center was established to provide a loving and nurturing environment for our Community. The families have a space to learn, to congregate, to socialize, and express themselves! It’s a place for familiarity, comfort and normalcy in a world that often proves to be anything but easy.
Because we know we make a difference. Because Community and social justice matters. Every volunteer, community member, donor or supporter who reaches out with one good deed propels this most deserving community one step further into prosperity. Join us so we can work together to watch this Community flourish! 
From tragedy...
Thousands of South Sudanese refugees came to United States between 2001 and 2006 fleeing religious and political persecution, warfare, starvation, slavery or gender based violence produced by the Sudanese Civil War. Among them were the group called "The Lost Boys and Girls of Sudan" . It was an enormous humanitarian crisis. Families were shattered, parents, sons, daughters and siblings lost. They were all survivors of the world's longest civil war, during which more than 2 million people perished. Lives had to be rebuilt from devastating and traumatic circumstances. 
During this time more than 200 South Sudanese resettled  in the Boston area. Upon arrival, it was realized that a new kind of family had emerged for the young boys and girls. And that family emerged as a vibrant and determined “Community”, but it needed support in a most urgent way.
An outpouring of donors and volunteers stepped forward, and SSEF emerged providing critical support to the new families in Massachusetts. Contributions allowed for education grants, family enrichment programs, citizenship support, tutoring, technology support. Importantly, the South Sudanese Community Center was also established providing a place the Community could gather, be with one another and find comfort.
To a new beginning...
The South Sudanese community of Boston has embraced the USA with vigor. "South Sudanese Americans attend universities, build careers, purchase homes, raise children and contribute to the greater society. Many have obtained citizenship. They have become Americans." (this is a quote from Wikipedia).
Some are still new to our country, reuniting with family, immigrating from refugee camps in Africa, fleeing poverty, famine and war. They’ve arrived in a country not knowing the language, not possessing anything but their determination to make a better life for themselves and their children. These families are our most vulnerable, but with the foundation built and with donors, supporters and impassioned volunteers, SSEF and the Community will see these families through these adversities and will lead them on a path of personal achievement.