Meet Our Artists!

Laurel Molk

Laurel will be painting one of Jackie Lenth's stunning Sudanese Cows!

Laurel Molk used to sell her drawings to her neighbors. The going rate was a penny a drawing and six for a nickel. Later she went on to pursue drawing at RISD. After many years of freelance work, including designing athletic shoes and athletic wear, and creating windows on Newbury Street, she directed her energy to illustrating and writing children's books. She has published several books and has exhibited in shows at the Society of Illustrators.

In her spare time, Laurel tutors emerging readers in a first/second grade classroom and draws large dragons and spaceships for her local library.

Things she likes include chocolate in any form, dogs, and Paris. She does not like mosquitoes, long meetings, or the color pink (with the exception of pink bubble gum).

The artist lives near Boston with her family, two dogs, a flock of ducks and unfortunately, many mosquitoes.

Peter Pease and Pauline Curtiss

Peter Pease and Pauline Curtiss are a father/daughter team and are very excited to be working together to paint one of Jackie Lenth’s stunning African bulls.  Pauline is a professional artist who really knows what she’s doing.  Peter loves to paint, minored in art in college, but went to the dark side and became an attorney.  They have both been supporters of SEF for many years, and are delighted to continue helping all the new African members of our greater family to make full, rich and productive lives for themselves. 


Pauline Curtiss began with a background in fine art, using her creativity to design a variety of finishes and objects to beautify interior spaces. She has focused on creating custom designed patterns, initially hand printing them on interior spaces,  and has expanded to manufacture her patterns into custom rugs, tile and platters.

Pauline Curtiss received her degree in painting from the Rhode Island School of Design. She has been working in the arts for her entire career.  Her interests in patterns begin primarily with fine art. The negative and positive sculptural shapes created by carving wood, stone, or by casting metal. The off-set overlays fashioned by printmaking. The striae of glazes which mimics texture of light and shadows. She has traveled to Spain to study one of her biggest inspirations: 14-16c Moorish stone carvings in mosques. Much of her fine art is commissioned by companies, or individuals.

Check out her art and accomplishments at

Peter Pease has spent more than 30 years litigating cases for violations of federal securities and antitrust laws, and state unfair trade practice claims.  His effective advocacy has elicited favorable judicial comment in courts throughout the nation.  He has served as lead counsel in many securities fraud class actions, prevailing in claims against companies in numerous industries.  He has led many successful prosecutions of acounting firms and investment bankers.

He really isn’t a scary guy...Peter is often seen around Lincoln, always with a smile on his face, with a kind word and listening ear to all he meets and occasionally with a golf club or guitar in hand.       

Roberta Boylen

Roberta will be painting of one Jackie Lenth's stunning Sudanese Cows!

For over two decades Roberta Boylen Design has enhanced interiors in the greater Boston area. Working closely with residential and commercial clients she creates unique personalized living and work environments, site specific murals, painted finishes, custom furnishings and decorative objects.

Always interested in painting and the decorative arts, Roberta attended find arts college in Boston. Upon completion of her BFA she moved to Florence, Italy and earned a Masters Degree in Art History.

Roberta has been the creative muse for SEF for many years. From designing postcards, to directing a Gala, to making T-Shirts, Roberta has contributed her incredible artistic eye to the South Sudanese Community with great generosity.