2015 Year in Review

SSEF Year in Review - 2015


In early 2015 we knew that our South Sudanese community was changing. We needed to look seriously and find out how SSEF would be able to keep to our mission and continue to offer the services we need. Our donors agreed with us. One of our supporters took a special interest. We worked with her and with our Board. We collaborated carefully and thoughtfully and developed a plan that we are calling “Vision 2020. ” Vision 2020 is a strategic plan. It looks at what the needs of the community will be like five years from now—in 2020, and it draws up a plan for how SSEF can meet those needs.

Turning Learners into Leaders

Vision 2020 has two main goals: community self-sufficiency and organization sustainability. Read more about this initiative here.


PreschoolPreschool Program

The first five years of a child’s life are developmentally crucial in almost every aspect: physically, emotionally, socially and academically. The goal of the Saturday Preschool Program is to prepare children for kindergarten through hands-on experiential learning in numerous modalities such that they achieve recognized baselines in socialization, self-control, self-care, ability to use basic schoolroom tools/supplies and fundamental concepts.

Poetry slam

Teen Art Expression

Leveraging the talents of art and writing specialists and the natural curiosity of expression of our community’s teens, we have continued our program with amazing results this year. The teens’ art will hang in a special exhibit at the State House the first week of December. Teens this year are combining visual art with poetry and spoken word expression and poetry slam art.

VideoVideo Production

This year SSEF has joined Malden TV as a Community Partner. One goal is to support the South Sudanese community in producing a regular news and information show about the local community and events taking place in South Sudan. This year’s work has focused on teaching studio and production skills to teens as a component of our STEM program. Under the direction of MATV’s community outreach instructor and a long-time SSEF volunteer, the teens are learning basic video skills while showing their art work and reading their poems.


STEM Learning through Sewing

From the very beginning our Saturday Bridges Program has sought to accelerate learning and increase exploration in vital STEM areas for children and teens. Our goal is to inspire passion for science and technology for kids to boost school performance. This year we have continued our supplemental STEM work to include sewing art and production. Working with an experienced seamstress and sewing instructor, several women are learning to use patterns, measure, cut, and construct fabric designs to gain practical exposure and functional skills for personal creative production and to enhance employability of participants.

CampSummer Camp

This year with the support of our donors we were able to send 21 South Sudanese youngsters to Camp Calumet - most for 1 week, but some for 2 weeks of wilderness exploration and summer fun.


MIT Solar Lantern Study Collaboration

Our South Sudanese community participated in a study led by a graduate research student at MIT to explore selection criteria and decision-making for users of solar lanterns for use in rural parts of South Sudan with no access to electricity for lighting and other needs.

FriendsYou can make a difference!

You can make a difference! Your support - at any level - will help us continue our vital and vibrant programs for our South Sudanese community in the greater Boston area.

  • $5,000 - program facilities for one semester
  • $2,500 - bus service for one year
  • $1,000 - summer camp week for two children
  • $500 - preschool program for one child per year
  • $100 - STEM/art supplies for one student per year
  • $50 - Snacks for one participant per year

Our programs are made possible because of kind supporters like you. Your tax-deductible contribution will be a gift of education and friendship to South Sudanese families in Massachusetts.

Thank you!