Cultural Documentation and Preservation

The South Sudan Cultural Preservation Project was a collaboration between Brandeis University and the Sudanese Education Fund. This project is devoted to documenting, preserving, and archiving the various forms of cultural expression created by the refugee and resettlement community from Southern Sudan.

Our underlying premise is that the life experience of refugee and resettled persons from southern Sudan has been distinctive and in many ways entirely unique. As such, the culture of this group has the potential to illuminate dimensions of the human condition in new and profound ways. We believe this cultural-preservation project will prove invaluable, not only to students and scholars in the social sciences and humanities but also to the general public.

It is our hope that this project will more deeply educate our communities about the history of the South Sudanese people. The paintings shown here are part of a collection of art we have acquired from Sudanese artists currently living in Kakuma Refugee Camp.

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