Our programs are driven by the needs of the South Sudanese Community. Over the last 10 years we have prided ourselves on responding to the ever-changing needs of the rapidly evolving South Sudanese Community.

Our first program was to provide educational grants to the recently arrived "Lost Boys and Girls of Sudan." Soon the community displayed an obvious need to adapt to our technology-based society, and so we started a technology program. When a South Sudanese artist brought back paintings from Kakuma Refugee camp, we started our Cultural Preservation Program.

Most recently, the South Sudanese community has started to add a new generation, and so we started our Saturday Bridges Program to support the whole family. Now we are 10 years into our efforts, and we look forward to meeting the new and unexpected challenges of the future.

Our programs are driven by our dedicated and talented team of volunteers. We have volunteers from 7th grade all the way through their 70's (and beyond). If you see something you'd like to be a part of, fill out our volunteer form, or contact us with your questions and ideas! Thanks for stopping by.